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How to Manage a Virtual Paralegal Business

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Running a virtual paralegal business can be challenging and painful. It’s not for everyone. You must balance the day to day operations of your business while successfully serving your clients.

Managing a Virtual Paralegal Business eGuide gives you an overview of what is required to not only work for your business but also to work in your business. It contains practical and relevant aspects of creating and managing a successful virtual paralegal business such as: client services, confidentiality, managing your assignments, billing, insurance and taking time off from your business.

Read for free with Kindle Unlimited

$2.99 Amazon 

 Product Description:

 Many virtual paralegals have failed - often quickly - because they don’t price their services in a way that allows them to remain competitive and profitable. Don’t make that mistake.

This eReport on Setting your Virtual Paralegal Fees gives you step by step examples and options on how most virtual paralegals calculate their hourly rates.

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