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How to Sell your Virtual Paralegal Services to an Attorney who Already Has a Paralegal?

04 Jun 2020 2:01 PM | Cordina Charvis (Administrator)

Establish yourself as the alternative – Let’s say you approach an attorney or paralegal and offer your virtual paralegal services; they responded, “I already have one”.

You reply: “I am sure you are happy with your paralegal. Here is my contact information. If anything changes, please give me a call.”

You cannot assume that because they already have a paralegal, they are satisfied with their work.

Get them to talk about their paralegal – Ask them, “What do you like most about your paralegal?’ “Would you recommend her to your collogues?” If they answer no, ask: “Why do you keep her on staff?”

If they like their paralegal, follow up with “In what areas do you think there is room for improvement”

They may have hired this great paralegal years ago that have now become less-driven but they put up with their lack of abilities and motivation because it’s easier than starting over with the recruiting process.

Highlight a service characteristic – Say you have found a more cost-effective and time-saving way of getting a project done. Ask the client how their paralegal prepare and deliver that service; then highlight how you can do it better.

Frequency of contact – A major reason clients leave is the lack of contact or attention.  Talk about the different ways your business communicates with your clients to keep them updated on projects from start to finish.

Baby steps – Start small, ask the client for a trial project, something their paralegal wouldn’t be working on, just to figure if your working styles compliment each other in case there was a need for your services in the future.

In the end, the best ways to beat your competitors is to always provide great client services and exemptional paralegal work. Bear in mind your best prospects are someone else’s client and your best clients are your competitor’s best prospects.

Notice price wasn’t discussed in any of the examples because you are only establishing yourself as the alternative for a client who either doesn’t’ feel they are getting enough from their paralegal or doesn’t know yet.

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