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What is a virtual paralegal?

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Virtual Paralegals are contract, independent or freelance paralegals that are hired by lawyers, law firms or in-house legal departments to provide paralegal support services on an as needed basis with such services being supplied through the use of technology such as the Internet, e-mail, fax and remote access systems.


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The Virtual Paralegal Training Center™ (“VPTC”) is a networking community that provides training and resources for virtual paralegals and assistants. 




Is it for me? - Virtual Paralegal Business

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How would you like to combine your education with your paralegal experience to earn an extra income, or start your own business?


The Virtual Paralegal Training Center™ (“VPTC") can show you how to use your paralegal experience to not only pursue a career in law as an employee but also as an entrepreneur.


Due to the recent economic downturn many law firms were forced to lay off attorneys in record numbers leaving them scrabbling to find work. Most of these attorneys have started solo practices using virtual paralegals and assistants to help reduce and control cost their over-head costs.


ABA says ‘yes’ to legal services outsourcing              

U.S. lawyers are free to outsource legal work, including to lawyers or non-lawyers, if they protect confidential information, ensure that the service providers are competent and suitably trained, and charge a reasonable fee for the work.





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